A large portion of the UK population went to Uni, I’m sure you all remember just how many shops and bars offered some sort of student discount to entice you to spend your limited cash with them. You’ll also remember how annoying it was to lose this discount when you graduate and resign yourself to paying full price for a lot of things.

Well now you can get those discounts back. I saw someone mention this tip on twitter a few weeks ago and wanted to try it. The company who runs the NUS student card accept students not just from full time universities but also from several online e-courses such as Shaw academy or Ecareers.

If you visit either of these sites you can find a massive range of courses ranging from a couple of days to a year long topic. If you sign up to a small course or even find one through groupon its possible to get them for as low as £5. Once enrolled you are classed as a student by NUS.

The course I signed up for was a  4 week blogging course for £12. The lectures are twice a week for 4 weeks and I’ve learnt a few tips that I’ve already applied to this blog. Once I has joined the course I signed up to the NUS website and bought their card for £12.

The only question left is: how long will it take to earn back the total £24 I’ve paid for this? hopefully not too long, the card itself lasts for a year and there are over 200 shops that give you discounts including restaurants, tech suppliers and clothes retailers.

Unfortunately this card doesn’t entitle you to the young persons rail card which is different to the NUS discount card as it is run by the train companies instead of the student union, There are however various other travel discounts such as  25% off transpennine express train tickets and £15 off your first Uber trip.

I’ll do a follow up blog post once the savings total over £24 to show how much the card was worth (or if I didn’t end up using the discount and wont bother renewing it next year)