Originally designed as a one-off marketing idea in 2010 the humble bundle is still around today and worth looking into if you are a gamer yourself or looking for gift ideas for someone you know who enjoys them.

The idea behind a humble bundle is a bunch of slightly older games that have been packaged together and are sold at whatever price the consumer wants to pay. Thats right! you decide how much you think the games are worth. There is a minimum amount of $1 which seems entirely reasonable considering the bundles contain games valued at $50-$200 if you were to buy them individually.

The bundles are also setup to incentivize slightly higher prices from the consumers by offering to add one or more of the premium games into the bundle if you choose to pay above the $5 or $10 mark.

The majority of the games are redeemed through steam which is a games delivery platform a large proportion of PC games already use, if you don’t have a steam account is is straight forward and free to setup : Steam Link

a percentage of the money from these bundles goes directly to charities. When you are paying your fee you have the ability to decide how much of the prices goes to charity and how much goes to the developers or to the humble bundle company.

So what’s the catch? Well, you wont find any brand new state of the art games in any of these bundles. The games contained tend to be ones that have lived their life and are no longer selling. Creating these bundles gives them one last change to generate a bit of revenue for the developers as well helping out a charity.

For anyone wanting to checkout the current bundles on offer here is their link: Humble Bundle Link

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