A lot of people will be browsing the steam library over the holidays looking for new games to buy in the sales.

It seems there’s a never ending parade of new titles released on the platform and unless you are browsing everyday its hard to sort the bargains that you’ll enjoy from the half finished beta releases that are just after your cash.

Here’s a quick rundown of some sites to help you out this year:

steamsales.rhekua.com – An automatically updated list of changes to steam game prices. Saves you having to scroll through the games you want and checking them manually. The best thing here is the ability to ignore DLC (who wants to buy sale items for a game they don’t own?)

slickdeals.net – A site that tries to gather all steam related coupons on one page. Worth looking at once you’ve decided what you want to buy to see if you can get even more money off.

steamspy.com – See what games are being played right now. If you are planning on buying a multiplayer game it might be worth checking that there are other people playing it so you will be able to find a suitable match once you login. Some of the games on steam are so old that the only people you can play against are veterans of the title that won’t hesitate you give you a virtual ass-whooping (I’m looking at you dawn of war!)

store.steampowered.com/Refunds – The steam refund page so you can figure out the chances of being able to get money back on a game that didn’t live up to your expectations.


Missed the latest sale?

Don’t worry because whenisthenextsteamsale.com is here for you. This site uses some predictive guess work based on last sales to try and guess when the next one is. take the results from this with a pinch of salt as nothing is guaranteed.