These income reports seem to be very popular amongst finance bloggers and help keep them accountable to the readers as well as making them sit down once a month and take a look at what is working and what isn’t in their plans.

I have a full time job that takes care of most of my bills and doesn’t have much to do with this blog. As such I’m only mentioning extra income here as the blog is mostly focused at helping me and you build extra and passive income so that eventually its enough to not need the full time job.

November 2016

Help to buy Isa – £5.83 interest (I’m not counting the 25% added by the government as this doesn’t happen until I use this for a deposit)

Zopa – £5.55

Matched Betting – £0

Dividends – £53.72

Poker – £6 (found I still had money in a poker account from years ago and sat down to play a few hands to see if I remembered the game.)

Total = £71.10

Plans for next month

Im going to blame xmas for the lack of matched betting in December, one of the new years resolutions will be to get back to earning monthly cash from it so hopefully the next income report will show £100+ from it.

The dividends are always nice but will only come 4 times a year (I currently own shares in 2  different companies) so they wont appear too often.

I’ll likely enjoy some more poker but unless something major happens It’ll be on the small stakes tables and therefore only account for a few quid here and there.

The blog itself is slowly growing, I’m now getting daily visitors from comments I’ve left on other sites and google, I hadn’t expected that to start happening for another few months so its a nice surprise.