Its the start of the year and a lot of people returning to work will be spending their time daydreaming about the places they might go to on holiday this year. There’s many choices so lets try and figure out exactly what matters to you on your time off.

Imagine you go to the travel agent and they offer you 3 choices, which do you pick:

  1. two tickets for a shared room on an all expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world of your choice for two weeks. However the 2nd ticket has already been given to a stranger who snores.
  2. two weeks all expenses paid vacation anywhere in the UK. You get to choose who comes with you and the weather will be typical British weather (Mild with a bit of rain).
  3. You get granted double your yearly paid time off work, however you aren’t allowed to travel further than 10km of your house during that time.

So what is it going to be? are you selfish enough to leave your family/partner behind for a luxury trip of a life time with good ear plugs? or maybe time away from work is better for your relaxation. Imagine having close to 60 paid days off to pursue your hobbies! (as long as those hobbies remained local).

stick your answers in the comments below. If you’ve already booked your time away for this year feel free to make everyone else jealous by telling us about it.

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