This weeks question looks at the much grumbled about topic of commuting. For anyone not working from home its a way of life and not much can be done about it. But imagine you did have an option.

The price of driving is related to how many people do it, the more expensive it becomes the more likely other people are to take public transport or find other ways into work. So the question to ponder this week is :

Would you be happy for petrol prices to rise 50% if it meant there was 50% less traffic on the roads?

your fuel bill would go up, but it would almost entirely wipe out traffic jams. Most 1 hour drives during rush hour would go down to their usual times of 20-30 minutes. There would be less stress caused by people forcing their way into lanes or waiting to the last minute to merge which means your drive into work and back home might start being enjoyable (as long as there were some nice songs on the radio)

Another thing to think about would be whether you’d feel guilty that less well off people would be forced to take the bus/train/bike to get to where they’re going? or would you be more interested in the environmental impact of less cars on the road?

For anyone reading who doesn’t commute to work, firstly, lucky you! secondly, you can apply this to any other places you travel to/from.

Please make your choice known in the comments box below.

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