Most of us would be able to reel off a large list of electronic gadgets we have around the house to make our lives easier. But which one do you think you could live without?

This weeks question – Would you rather:

  • Give your mobile phone for a month OR
  • Give up your computer for a month?

Your computer counts as what ever laptop/desktop/tablet/Macbook you do most of your work on.

If you give up your mobile phone you lose the means to contact people quickly. however it also means people are less able to contact you which can be either good or bad. I know a lot of people also use their phones to stay connected to social media whilst at work and out and about. Would you be able to lose that connectivity and not feel like you’re missing out?

Losing your computer may seem like the best option as most functions are doable on a smartphone these days. However as most people reading this post have blogs of their own you should all ask yourself how comfortable you’d feel typing up a 500-1000 word post on a smart phone?

Stick your answers in the comments below and any reasons, it will be interesting to see if anyone uses their phones/computers for weird tasks that they wouldn’t be able to give up.

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