A lot of people claim they want to be rich. Just look at how many people play the lottery each week and how many finance bloggers there are out there and how many hits their sites are getting. A lot of people are after a lot of cash.

After a lot of thinking about what people are trying to achieve I’m fairly certain that most people don’t want to be rich, they just don’t want to be poor. They want to be able to go through life and not worry about money problem. They want to be able to open up bills without worrying about the number owed. They want to be able to buy presents for the kids and take them out to places without having to budget for months in advance to afford it. They want to be able to take their partner out on a date once a month without worrying about the cost. They want to to be able to go on one nice holiday a year, get a decent car once every 5-10 years that is reliable and doesn’t break down and they want to be able to retire without worrying about fuel poverty and food costs.

Most people don’t want a yacht (they can spend a few days on a yacht trip once and that is enough to satisfy their curiosity). They don’t want to actually own the thing and pay for mooring, a crew, and upkeep. They don’t want champagne every weekend. They don’t want to dine at Michelin star restaurants every week which forces them to dress up in a suit and make them eat things they’ve never heard of before. They don’t want to mingle with lords and land owners in tweed whilst debating how EU policy is forcing them to onshore their operations again.

Now I’m sure there are some people that do want to be rich, my point is that they are the minority. The problem I see is that a lot of people who are trying “not to be poor” are doing things designed to make them rich. Such as playing the lottery or reading stories about how the rich made their money such as Alan sugar and Steve jobs. As a result of following the wrong role models for their goal they don’t follow it through and end up failing. They’d  do better by trying to find people who are living comfortably and trying to emulate them instead of the millionaires.

Have a think about your financial dreams and ambitions in life. Do you want to be rich or just not be poor?