Flying the nest and leaving your parents house it a is a rite of passage many of us have already gone through. With it come both freedoms and responsibilities.

Freedom to eat what you want and stay up as late as you want, but also having to pay bills and clean your own dirty dishes. but most importantly, paying your rent on time.

Rent/Mortgage payments are the biggest individual expense for a lot of people, so I thought I’d ask the question:

  • Would you let your parents move into your place if they paid the full rent/mortgage?

You’d need to find a room in your place to let them live. They’d sort out their own food/utilities and you’d have no more rent. Sounds good at first. its still your house, but is the upside worth having your parents living with you again?

I’d imagine anyone lucky enough to have a giant house where they could avoid their parents when needed might be ok with this idea, but most of us would have to make a lot of compromises if 2 extra people moved in with us.

For anyone who would be happy letting their parents live with them, how about the inlaws? Would you be willing to share your house with them in exchange for rent?

Please put your answers in the comments section below and we’ll see the price people put on their freedom.

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