These income reports seem to be very popular amongst finance bloggers and help keep them accountable to the readers as well as making them sit down once a month and take a look at what is working and what isn’t in their plans.

I have a full time job that takes care of most of my bills and doesn’t have much to do with this blog. As such I’m only mentioning extra income here as the blog is mostly focused at helping me and you build extra and passive income so that eventually its enough to not need the full time job.

January 2017

Help to buy Isa – £5.97 interest (I’m not counting the 25% added by the government as this doesn’t happen until I use this for a deposit)

Zopa – £6.25

Matched Betting – £98.53 – Close enough to my monthly target of £100, I did a lot of this at the start of the month and then had other things to use my time on so didn’t do much in the 2nd half.

Total = £110.75

Plans for next month

In January after making sure my credit card was fully paid off after the xmas spending (I try to do all online shopping via a credit card for the extar protection) I dived into the world of matched betting and will continue to do so in February. my accounts across all the betting sites are worth about £500 which should allow me to take advantage of more offers than before.

The dividends dont make an appearance this month and I don’t anticipate any until April. I own 2 sets of shares that pay dividends to in total there should be 4 of them each year.

I’ll likely enjoy some more poker if I get time but I’m currently doing a lot of training for various events so may not have the spare time.

The blog itself is still growing, I’m attributing the growth to a steady posting schedule (3x a week) and taking part in several linkys a week. These encourage visitors to comment and hopefully a few of them like what they see enough to bookmark the page and visit at a later date.