Lego is one of the most popular toys in the world.The biggest problem with getting into it however is the price. A medium sized set can easily cost anywhere from £30-£100 which is a lot for anyone to spend on a non-essential.

I’ve been going through a Lego binge recently and managed to figure out a few reliable ways to save money on this hobby. If you want to try building something yourself or have someones birthday coming up that you need to get a gift for then follow these tips to either save yourself a lot of money or allow you to get the lucky recipient an even bigger set.

Brickpicker forums

The first place to look at is the Amazon discount thread on the Brickpicker forums. This is a goldmine of discounts! Everyday its updated with the percentage discounts being offered on Amazon. There are separate threads for America and Europe.

The discounts are grouped by style so if you know someone is keen in Lego city you can check out what’s on offer in that category and pick something they don’t already own.

Tesco / Asda

Other supermarkets might be worth checking but these two are near me and for the last few months have had Lego on sale every time I’ve visited. Lego is a popular enough toy to have lots of permanent shelf space dedicated to it with a few sets on offer at all times.

One thing to watch out for is making sure the price sticker corresponds to the item on the shelf above it. It seems kids are good at moving these around and putting them back in the wrong place so the price advertised might not be for the set above the sticker.

You don’t always have access to the internet whilst out shopping to compare the price of the set with others online so as a general rule of thumb Lego sets go for 10-15p per brick. If the discount means that the set you’re looking at is below 5p/brick then its generally a good deal.


There’s a lot of competition for sets on Ebay so you can’t expect to find any heavy discounts for specific sets unless you get lucky.

What you can benefit from on Ebay is the bulk lots. A lot of people might have had Lego as a kid and weren’t too interested in it, or went through a phase and now want to clean up their house. These folk tend to list the Lego as a bulk lot with the weight listed instead of the sets contained within. These can range anywhere from 1kg – 160kg worth of random Lego pieces.

If you were to buy Lego by weight from the Lego store you’d expect to pay somewhere around £25/kg, on Ebay this tends to drop to around £10/kg. There are enough bulk lots around that if you put in a few speculative bids at around £5-£7 per kg you’ll eventually win something.

As always with Ebay: don’t forget postage fees! they vary massively between auctions an you should include them in your price/kg.


If you do manage to pick up any nice sets with these tips I’d love for you to send me  picture of it built or at least a comment about what you managed to pickup and at what price.