Weird one this week:

Imagine a stranger came up to you one day and said he would give you a discount of 75% on all your food purchases for life.

The catch however is that you have to give up meat!

Would you say yes or no?

The most expensive part of a lot of peoples weekly shops is the meat so going veggie in this case might be a false economy. How much do you value meat and could you live the rest of your life with meat substitutes like Quorn?

I’m hoping the comments section isn’t just a division of meat eaters who wouldn’t give it up for a 99% discount and vegetarians who are already enjoying the cost savings.

I’ll leave the “fish” part out of the equation for now and let people choose if they want to keep it or not. You can probably stave off the meat cravings for a while with fish but nothing from the water is ever going to taste anywhere near as good as a bacon butty after some physical activity.

As always put your answer in the comments below and we’ll see how carnivorous you guys really are.

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