One for the history buffs and sci-fi fans this week.

Imagine a fancy man in a time machine appeared in front of you and gave you 3 options. You could either:

  1. Go back in time 200 years and start living the life of a rich person.
  2. Stay in the current day and start living a middle class life.
  3. Go 200 years in the future but you’ll take on the life of a poor person.

What would you choose? Imagine you could take your family with you to enjoy the change.

I’m guessing a lot of the history fans might enjoy a trip to the past to be able to live like royalty and maybe recreate a few scenes from Downtown Abbey. I’m not sure anything massive happened exactly 200 years ago but if anyone want’s to double check what they’re signing up for here’s the Wiki link for that time:

The main downside I can initially think of is the lower life expectancy and slower travel times during that period. You’d be rich enough to explore the world, but getting everywhere by steamboat and horse would take ages.

I’m sure a lot of people would also jump at the chance to go to the future, however if you ended up being poor would you be able to enjoy the fancy new technology on offer? What if the future isn’t as great as you imagine? Might even run the risk of time travelling right into world war 3.

Or how about staying where you are? living a happy middle of the road existence in today’s world, its not that bad. Is it?

As always comments and reasoning in the comments section below.

And thanks in advance for participating, its always cool seeing the different angles you guys attack these questions from.

Two Tiny Hands