As part of research for this blog I browse over 100 other personal finance blogs for ideas and tips. Here’s a summary of some the best posts I’ve come across in January, There’s a big range of topics so instead of going through them all I’d advise reading the summary and clicking through to the ones that sound interesting to you.

Our Next Life – Motivation about what you might do after you’ve achieved financial freedom. Retiring early with nothing to do is probably as unwise as not having a retirement plan at all.

Wise Bread – One of my favourite posts, highlights the difference between saving money and just being tight. Saving for the future shouldn’t come at the expense of your health and happiness. This article highlights a few of the warning signs that you might be heading in the wrong direction.

Slummy Mummy – A walk on the beach turns into a philosophical debate about choices. a quick blog post reminding you that most choices you make aren’t permanent, if you make mistakes you will be able to eventually recover.

Be Clever With Your Cash – Medium length article to help you save money on any insurance you need to buy in the next few months. Covers a lot of different types, not just car insurance.

Emma Drew – Emma always puts together very details posts, here’s a list of cool things found in Poundland this month, the only reason I’m adding it to this months curation listing is because some Poundlands across the country are have a 25% discount on their entire stock meaning everything in Emmas post can be found for 75p if you live near one.