Like a lot of people I’ve got  stacks of books sitting around. They were good to read first time around but there’s only a very few books that deserve to be read a 2nd time around.

A lot of them end up being used as ornaments and to stop the shelves looking bare however there are still stacks just sitting in places getting dusty and just looking messy. I used to sell my books on a site called Green Metropolis but that seems to have closed in 2015.

After a bit of Googling it seems the new best place to sell books is a site called

You type the ISBN (Barcode) of the books into the site and it gives you a price instantly, they they arrange to collect the books from you so the price of postage is £0 as long as you have some spare boxes for packaging available. As long a your books are in good condition you should be paid within a few days.So far it seems like a sweet deal.

But what about the most important factor: the price they give you for your books? I grabbed 20 random ones from a shelf to me and 12 of them got offers:

we buy books

These 8 were unwanted by the site:

  • George R R Martin – A Storm of Swords
  • John Whaite – John Whaite Bakes
  • Mark McCrum – Harry’s Arctic Heroes
  • Garth Nix – Sabriel
  • Alan Bradley – I am Half-Sick of Shadows
  • Stephen King – Thinner
  • Tom McEvoy – Win Your Way Into Big Money Hold’em Tournaments
  • Garth Nix – Lirael
  • Garth Nix – Abhorsen

the 12 offers came to £8.85. It seems that non-fiction (and specifically cooking books) are in much higher demand than fiction. I get the impression the majority of fiction paperbacks will either get no offer or pennies. The site has a page specifically for listing which books seem to sell best: buy-books-hot-list

I haven’t gone through with sending the books off as I don’t need to sort through them yet, however in the near future I will likely gather all the non-fiction I don’t intend to read twice and send it off to these guys.

If anyone here has used this site feel free to leave a comment below to share how easy it was to arrange collection and how fussy they are about the quality of the books?