I’ve recently had to cancel a trip out due to unforeseen circumstances and had to stay in my flat trying to find something fun to do. Which got me thinking.

How much would it cost for you to agree to spend an entire year in your house/flat?

You’d have to quit your job, unless you had some sort of  career which meant you were 100% home based? You’d have to rely on other people or delivery services to get your groceries. These sound like minor issues for a few days, but could you cope with them for 365 days?

I think a lot of people would struggle with their bodies not getting enough exercise after a short while, you might need to setup a dedicated exercise room to solve the problem. Even convicts stuck in prison cells get an hour or so of outdoor activities everyday to try and keep them fit and healthy.

Social contact might be a bigger problem for others. Friends and family are still going to visit you, but how many social events would you miss by being housebound? Friends might be understanding of your challenge at first and willing to visit more but im sure the visits would die down eventually.

Here are the reward options for the year:

  • stay at home all year for £50k
  • stay at home all year for 150k
  • stay at home all year for £500k
  • No amount of money would persuade you.

What would be the lowest amount you’d agree to? and what do you think you’d miss the most about being able to go outside?

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