These income reports seem to be very popular amongst finance bloggers and help keep them accountable to the readers as well as making them sit down once a month and take a look at what is working and what isn’t in their plans.

I have a full time job that takes care of most of my bills and doesn’t have much to do with this blog. As such I’m only mentioning extra income here as the blog is mostly focused at helping me and you build extra and passive income so that eventually its enough to not need the full time job.

February 2017

Help to buy Isa – £5.92 interest (I’m not counting the 25% added by the government as this doesn’t happen until I use it for a deposit). Its slightly lower than last month because of how much shorter February is compared to other months.

Zopa – £4.30 – slightly lower also. Potentially caused by some of the borrowers doing early repayments

Matched Betting – -£16.34 – That’s right! I actually lost money doing matched betting this month. But don’t worry, I didn’t go mad and make some stupid bets. Due to other commitments in life I didn’t get started with matched betting until later on in the month and decided to have a go at a few casino offers. the nature of the offers is that whilst they mathematically have expected profit it isn’t guaranteed. I had a few unlucky results and ended up down.I don’t regret any of the bets though. I know that in the long run the maths will work out with me earning money on these offers.

Total = £-6.12

Plans for next month


The main goal is to have a month with profit instead of a loss! I’ve never done a matched betting offer on horse races and after reading a few forums these seem like some of the more lucrative ones. I’ll give these a go and see if I can figure out the confusing terminology.

I’m not too concerned about my £6 loss though. There are a few side projects which I don’t record on this thing as I want to put together a blog post explaining them first. Overall my net-worth went up a considerable amount this month. Just not from passive income streams.

Taking part in linkys is helping attract visitors to this site and as a result I’m going to spend the month trying to find others to join. I currently do between 4-5 but they tend to be family orientated, it would be good to find some financial ones to join as my content may be more appreciated.