You’ve spent the best part of your morning picking boxes from friends and relatives. a single bead of nervous sweat slowly rolls down the side of your face, the audience is silent.

In front of you are 2 remaining boxes, one contains 1p, the other contains £250,000.

You put the phone receiver down, the well spoken English gent at the other end has offered to buy both boxes off you for £88,000.

Noel leans close enough to your face for you to smell the scent of sandalwood emanating from his bristly beard and utters the famous words. “Deal, or no deal?”

What do you do:

  1. Deal, take the £88k and walk away.
  2. No Deal, the banker doesn’t scare you! you’ll gamble everything on picking the correct box.
  3. Panic, Kiss Noel, push him over and run out of the studio.

Stick your answers in the comment box below and lets see how many gamblers we have here.

Note: to any American readers Noel is the UK host of the show. He replaces your Howie. Here he is in action :

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