Most people who drive to work do so either because they enjoy the comfort and privacy or because the public transport available to them is rubbish and overpriced.

If you don’t drive your car to work imagine this as a hypothetical scenario. Everyone else, imagine your car broke down, you took it to the garage and its going to cost £3000 to repair. You wont be able to get that much cash together for about 3 months and its a newish car so you cant just get rid of it.

You have these 3 options available to you, which do you choose:

  1. Get a bike and cycle into work, rain or shine you take along a change of clothes and enjoy the slower but healthier ride into the office each day.
  2. Car share – you can get a lift from the creepiest/smelliest person in your office who coincidentally happens to pass your house each morning on the way to work.
  3. None of the above, you’d prefer to take a 20% APR loan and pay for the car repairs straight away.

Option 3 is definitely the most convenient and comfortable, but how much cycling/creepy conversation are you willing to entertain to avoid the massive APR?

answers in the comments below. Or if you’ve found yourself in a similar situation in real life feel free to share how you dealt with it.