Everyone, meet this fluffy owl thing.

Neopets pet - virtual currency

Fluffy Owl thing, meet everyone.

I stared this Neopets challenge on Monday and so far everything has been going as expected. I’m attempting to mimic how to become wealthy in real life using Neopets due to how many of aspects of it resemble real life.

Imagining I’m a 16 year old straight out of school with no qualifications and no cash. The best thing to do is to get a job (any job, minimum wage is fine) to start earning cash and also trying to educate yourself to boost your earning potential.

The job equivalent in Neopets is playing games, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been trading my time for Neopoints. Some of the games are easier and reward 1000NP each attempt and others are much slower, earning considerably less. I’m trying to keep track of which ones make more NP/Minute and favour those when I’m short of time.

The second part of the plan involves training/learning. Just like in real life you need to gain life experience and on the job training as well as academic training to help boost your earnings. There’s two ways I’m doing this in Neopets, the first is training my pet (the fluffy owl thing) This costs Neopoints (about 2000 a day currently) and makes her more powerful. I’m hoping that once she is strong enough I can take her into the a game called the Battledome where she battles other pets (similar to Pokemon) and wins items. 2000NP a day isn’t cheap so I’ll be keeping a track of whether the items I win from battles is worth the investment.

The second way I’m training/learning is just by Googling: “which games make most money in Neopets”. That one simple search has already yielded results in that I learned about a smart phone game which Neopets published a while ago. This game is far easier to earn Neopoints on than other games on their website and it also allows you to submit your score 50x each day instead of the usual 3x. There’s the added benefit that I can play whilst away from my computer if I’m waiting for something in the real world.

With the NP I’ve currently earned I’m buying shares on the stock market and depositing what’s left in the bank, however at this level neither of those activities are too lucrative (3np per day interest from the bank!)

Just like in real life the problems with this style of trying to get wealthy is that I have to keep turning up to work every day, if I stop playing games/working I earn very little money. This is the daily grind that a lot of people get stuck in. They struggle to see far enough into the future and think that because interest from their bank and savings is low now that it’ll always be low. I’m hoping to prove that theory wrong by eventually making most of my Neopoints from things other than gaming.

Heres a summary of my networth in the game at the end of each day so far:

Day Bank Stock Other Total
1 13846 15000 28846
2 44398 30000 74398
3 66340 48000 114340
4 117404 61000 178404

In my next post I’ll write down the specific rules I’m working to. there aren’t many but each of them could do with a little paragraph describing how it relates to Neopets and real life.