It happened quicker than I thought! My money in the bank + value of shares has exceeded 1Million NP in 15 days!

neopets bank - millionaire
Neopets bank – millionaire
stock market neopets
Neopets stock market







The total amount shown in these screenshots is 249k + 818k = 1,067,265 NP. The actual amount goes up even more if you add the value of all the items in my shop (I estimate it around 200k)

This has mostly been earned through playing games daily, participating in the Battledome fights (which reward items that can be sold) once I had spent a few days training my pets and was also boosted by me finding a rare item which I sold for 130k. The stocks as you can see have actually gone down in value (from 259k to 249k).

I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly. Neopets does suffer from inflation just like other currencies however the site says it is at 2.1%. Maybe a Million wasn’t much when I used to play 15 years ago and I’ve just forgotten? ¬†Instead of cheering and planning which rare foods to feed to my pet I’m having to rethink this blog post series. My last post outlined the rules for the early/mid/late game and I’ve only just started getting out of the start zone. Getting to 1 million was too low of a goal. As a result I’m renaming this “Becoming a NeoBillionaire”.

As well as allowing me to demonstrate my game plan further it’ll let me track how easy each subsequent million is to earn. If the first one took me 15 days then in theory I should be able to earn the next one in 13 or 14. This will be both because of my knowledge increasing and also having the capital to invest in bigger and better things. Potentially we’ll get to a stage where I’m earning a million every week?

even though a million isn’t what I expected it still counts as a landmark and I’ll celebrate by buying a few stamps for my stamp album to at least attempt to demonstrate that trying to become wealthy doesn’t mean not having any hobbies.

Neopets Stamp album
These stamps are worth between 500-5000 each Some of the rarer ones can go for millions.