When finance bloggers and frugal people discuss ways to stay fit or keep trim its not long before someone mentions the benefits of running and how its a free way to achieve your goals. As someone who has been running for the past 7 months I disagree with the idea that it doesn’t cost anything.

I’m not going to claim that lacing up and heading out of your door towards the park costs anything, obviously that part costs nothing. The costs star occurring if you stick with the sport.

At first you may only be able to run 1 or 2 km before returning home shattered, but as you progress and start running longer distances your feet will start complaining that the old trainers you are using are getting very painful. Unless you have great foot genetics you will need to invest in a pair of running trainers to prevent injuring yourself. The cheapest of these is about £40 (but can easily cost £100+)

Next come running clothes. running in an old t-shirt is fine for 10-20 minutes, but once you start going longer the sweat will build up and start becoming very uncomfortable, so you need to invest in some running clothes with breathable fabrics that let the sweat evaporate.

If you are running in the winter then a head torch and some reflective gear is essential for your safety. (The one I use is a cheap head torch costing £12).

Now if you’ve kept it up for a while you’ll start wanting to see how you do in a race and go looking for the local 10k. I’ve entered 2 this year costing £17 and £22. If you manage to complete those the next is the half marathon and full marathon (£27 and £45).

Nobody is forcing you to enter these races, but I think enough people have “run a marathon” on their bucket list that those who runs for a few months will start thinking about entering one.

Another expense you may not consider is the amount of extra food you’ll be eating. Depending on factors such as height and weight you can expect to burn 600-800 calories on a 10km run. That’s easily a few extra meals each week that you wouldn’t normally need.

I don’t want to put anyone off running. a single run itself is free but if you make it into a hobby its going to come at some expense. I also cant think of any other sports which wouldn’t start incurring some costs if you do them regularly.

Happy running 🙂

Two Tiny Hands