Now that I’ve done a recap on the goals from 2017 its time to set some new ones for the coming year. The aim of having these goals written down is so that whenever I have spare time this year or am wondering what work to do on the blog I can visit this page and ask myself what I can do specifically to further these 4 aims. Hopefully this bit of direction will help me use my time more productively.

Twitter – Instead of trying to figure out how to get Pintrest working for me I’ll stick with what I know and keep interacting with people on Twitter. It would be nice to aim for and hit specific follower goals but to keep things simple I’m going to try and reply to interesting tweets and start conversations with people related to finance.

Reading – In 2016 I set myself the goal of reading 52 books in the year which I achieved. the problem was that it completely sucked my desire to read out of me for about 6 months after. As a result I only finished a handful of books in 2017.

All leaders are readers, but not all readers are leaders – Harry Truman

Just because I wasn’t reading books doesn’t mean I wasn’t buying them. Like a lot of you I’ve got an ever growing pile of books looking a my guiltily from the corner of a shelf. As long as I don’t force myself to read one a week I should be able to get through a decent amount without getting fatigued.

Editorial calendar – I managed to keep up 3 posts a week for a long time at the start of 2017 before life got in the way and I never regained my momentum. I’ll create an editorial calendar in the next few weeks and show that I’ve learned from experience by figuring out a schedule that works out at 2.5 posts a week.

Mort interaction with other bloggers – This is the one I’m looking forward to most. This site is over a year old now so its proven it at least has a bit of staying power. Hopefully this can be used to start some sort of project with other bloggers. maybe an interview series? or some sort of tool to help others? A brain storming session will be needed to figure this out but any big projects this year are hopefully going to involve others.

I wish you all a happy and successful 2018!