Over the last few years I’ve noticed that whenever I or other people write their goals down instead of just keeping them in our heads we have a tendency to stick at them for longer. From previous experience with new years resolutions I’m also aware that they need to be specific targets (e.g. run 50km each month, as oppose to just “run more”). As a result here is the list of quantifiable goals I’ve come up with for this site and my finances for 2017:

Editorial calendar – Trying to put out 3 blog posts a week isn’t overly hard, but I have found myself with writers block a few times, I’m going to put together an editorial calendar at the start of 2017 and as best as I can make a plan of the entire years worth of posts.

Matched Betting – I started this 2 months ago and the first month proved to be an easy and reliable “side hustle”, I haven’t done much of it in December due to time constraints, my goal for 2017 is to earn at least £100 each month from this. There are lots of people claiming they make £1000+ per month but I’ve got a feeling they may be doing it for 4-8 hours a day to make that much.

Pintrest – At the moment the only social media platform I’m on is twitter. I know that in order to spread my articles to a wider audience I need to start sharing to other groups of people. There are a lot of tools out there for creating nice pictures and infographics. I don’t want to commit too much to this as I really am starting Pintrest with very little knowledge about how it works but I’m aiming at posting at least 1 post (or are they called pins?) per month.

Guest Post – If my plan with the editorial calendar works and I can write more articles than normal due to good planning I should end up with lots of spare posts that aren’t scheduled to go out on MoneyCorgi.com . That should allow me to offer some of the better posts to other sites as guest posts. I aim to get five guest posts out this year.


I’ve specifically avoided setting any goals for blog visits/views. This site is still small and new and I don’t want to force myself to look at methods for growing views for the sake of a number growing bigger. As long as I keep publishing useful articles the place will grow and hopefully attract people to keep coming back after visiting once.

I’m also not setting myself any specific goals regarding my own finances, at the moment I’m saving/investing just over 50% of my income, there’s no need to change that at the moment so my only resolution would be to just keep doing what I’m doing.

Happy new year everyone!