For a lot of people the retirement age is set by the government and people feel lucky if they manage to retire early by a few years. Using very rough numbers the average person will start working when they are 20. Put in 8 hours a day 5 days a week and retire 45 years later at 65.

This weeks question requires imagining you were back to being 20 and the government gave you the following options to choose from:

  • Increase your working day to 10 hours, but retire in 36 years (at the age of 56)
  • Decrease your working day to 6 hours, but retire in 60 years (at the age of 80)

There is no choice to keep things the way they are and retire at 65!

Which would you choose?

both options add up to working the same number of hours in total, so how would you like to use them? Retiring early is always an attractive idea, however would you be able to work long days for that long and not suffer some sort of stress related illness or a career burnout?

Maybe you like the idea of working until you’re a lot older and the second option seems better? there’s a lot of research showing that a mentally active job at an older age is very good for overall health so being able to go to a challenging job for stimulation and social interaction appeals to you?

Note : I did try to do the initial question for 12 hour/4 hour work days but the retirement ages changed to 50 and 110 which seemed a bit extreme.

As always stick  your answers into the comments section below and thankyou for taking part.

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